The profession said: "rattan volatile liquid" and "aromatherapy without fire" are very popular indoor perfumery in Europe and America in recent years. Its principle is that essential oil is absorbed into rattan or flower head by intermediaries through plants or objects with good volatility, such as rattan, herb flower and cotton rope, and then volatilized into the air to emit the fragrance of essential oil.
Brakula focuses on home decoration brand, in the name of love, to fragrance.
 Iron art
As the saying goes, "Things are precious when they are scarce. "In today's mainstream machine production, handicraft production is becoming more and more precious, and its aesthetic value and humanistic value are becoming more and more strong. Iron art has a long history. Traditional iron art is mainly used in architecture, home and garden decoration.
In ancient Greece, people worshipped Artemis, the goddess of the moon. Every year, they held birthday celebrations for her. On the altar, there were cakes made of flour and honey. On the top, there were many lighted candles to set off the atmosphere.



Scented Bouquet

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