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          Nantong Xingchen Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Established in 1996, is the private operated science technologic company in Jiangsu Province , is information-based application demonstration enterprise in the Nantong City, and the”AAA”contract credible enterprise, Among the 386 clerks, there are 73workers which is graduated from Universities; 8people of technical Deluxe title; 29 people of medium technical title.

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Our products always aim at the forefront of the international market, in order to ensure the success of the new style, Brakula hired fragrance designers to specialize in fragrance research! We have produced hundreds of kinds of iron products and candles, with its unique style, high quality and service has always maintained the leading position in the same industry. In order to open up the market, the company began to make aromatherapy diffuser in 2006, and used natural aromatherapy oil made in France, using advanced production technology to produce various types of aromatherapy diffuser, with its lovely aromatherapy, Personality packaging has won the favor of customers. All products are exported to many European and American countries and are recognized as green products.

Inborn classical temperament,

Subvert the traditional taste design.

“Brakula”Series is the interpretation of the master. This series achieves a new level of professional technology and lasting fragrance through new production processes, techniques and processes.
In the name of love,
in the name of



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