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Tasteful Invisible Furniture

2019/04/07 23:39
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People rely on hearing and vision to guide the atmosphere, and odor also invisibly injects emotions into space between subtleties, affecting people's perceptual world. Rose is beautiful, Suzuki is clear, birch is the sensible... Fragrance can also sustain memory and emotion across time and space.across time and space.
If perfume can express people's personality, aromatherapy will only appear in the private space of the family. It is more like self drinking, only to please oneself or family members, to express the most real and delicate life.
High-quality aromatherapy is unique invisible furniture, and aromatic candles in "light and heat" are the best filter to render the space atmosphere. Tao brings aromatherapy candles to the essence of nature, awakens the feelings of life and creates the "home flavor".awakens the feelings of life and creates the "home flavor".
Brakula series of aromatherapy candles, using natural organic plant ingredients, let the heart return to nature, let the home space full of elegant and quiet temperament, wake up the feeling of returning to nature, soothe the mind, surrounded by nature and gentleness.
This series of france, 6 kinds of fragrance optional, suitable for a variety of occasions.


/ Yue wood
Extraction of pine resin and needle tips, rock roses, leaves and branches of Cedar virginia, moss and freshly harvested grass, combine with an unparalleled elegant aroma.
Bergamot, citrus and Verbena harmoniously constitute a rich and bold aroma.
Lantana camara
Elegantly blends mint, violet leaves, apples, blackberries, mangoes, peaches and grapes to create a pleasant atmosphere.
Lily of the valley
The unique fragrance of the lily, with a touch of vanilla at the same time.
Winter pine and cypress unique strong rosin, while blending thyme and rosemary, thick and slightly spicy.
The mysterious woody fragrance with precious aloes as its main theme blends with the aroma of Magnolia and birch. The warm aroma shows elegance and calmness.
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