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Aromatherapy Promotes Remarketing and Marketing Communication

2019/04/07 23:42
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We know that olfactory memory is more reliable than visual memory or auditory memory. After making consumption choices, consumers will make a positive or negative evaluation of this consumption based on their own consumption results for a period of time, in which olfactory memory can have a great impact on the evaluation.in which olfactory memory can have a great impact on the evaluation.
An interesting phenomenon, according to the survey, 80% of women are impulsive consumption (shopping environment or publicity or sales-led consumption), 60% are wasteful consumption (no plan to buy and then buy back shelved consumption), 50% are incidental consumption beyond budget (original purchase of 10 yuan, stimulated by various sales means to buy 15), 30% are guided subconscious consumption.( Let me see. I didn't buy it, but I bought it. Excluding 20% of the inevitable consumption, the remaining 80% of the consumption will be evaluated, of which more than 30% of the consumption will be considered wasteful and unworthy, so there is a defensive or subconscious resistance to such products.will be considered wasteful and unworthy, so there is a defensive or subconscious resistance to such products.



Women usually have strong expressive, infective and communicative abilities, and are good at influencing other consumers around them through persuasion, advice, and communication. Women consumers will talk about their experience of using products and receiving services as a daily topic to others to prove that they have made the right choice. Conversely, women's shopping decisions are more susceptible to the influence of other consumers'use experience.
This characteristic determines that women are the disseminators and receivers of word-of-mouth. Some products can achieve the effect that general advertisements can not achieve through the dissemination of women's word-of-mouth. But Cheng also has a reputation for success and failure. According to foreign surveys, only 4% of customers who are dissatisfied with products and services will directly tell the company that 25% of 96% of non-complaining customers have serious problems; 4% of complaining customers are more likely to continue to buy than 96% of non-complaining customers; if the problem is solved, 60% of those complaining customers will continue to buy; if solved as soon as possible, the ratio will rise to 95%; Satisfied customers will tell their stories to 10 to 20 people; complained customers will tell their stories to 5 people. Most of the complaints that will be reflected to the product or service providers are female consumers, so the feedback and word-of-mouth of female customers is very important.
So when word-of-mouth spread, the love of the fragrance of the environment, love the house and Ukraine, can make the customer make a good evaluation of the product. Even if the recipient is not interested in the product, the disseminator will recommend it to feel their favorite fragrance. Like all beautiful clothes and all exquisite jewellery, the love of fragrance and women's pursuit of beauty and their desire for inner satisfaction are the necessities of women's needs.
Male consumption is more pragmatic than female consumption. One of the main differences between men's personality and women's personality is that they have strong rationality and self-confidence. Some men regard themselves as incarnates of ability and strength, with strong independence and self-esteem. These personality characteristics also directly affect their psychological activities in the process of purchasing.
Male consumers do not like associations and fantasies as much as females. They often regard fantasies as the reality of the future. Accordingly, the emotional color is also relatively weak. Therefore, when motivation is formed, the stability is better and the purchase behavior is more regular. Even when impulsive purchases occur, they are often confident in making accurate decisions and seldom regret returning goods. It should be pointed out that the aesthetic view of male consumers is obviously different from that of female consumers, which has a great impact on the formation of their motivation. For example, some male comrades believe that men are characterized by rough and powerful, so when they buy goods, they are often interested in goods with obvious male characteristics, such as cigarettes, alcohol, cars and so on.
Therefore, we use a fragrance to influence men's emotions in the male consumption environment, and create a world controlled by men through environment, guidance and propaganda. In this world, customers feel very MAN, brave, handsome and powerful, always revealing their trust and control. So they will buy, and after buying, they will be happy to share in the circle and become loyal consumers.
Therefore, a good fragrance environment can make consumers form a virtuous circle of smelling fragrance, pleasing fragrance, deciding fragrance, smelling fragrance and recalling fragrance and smelling fragrance again, thus promoting re-marketing and marketing communication.
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