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Four Seasons Fragrance Operating Skills of Space Fragrance

2019/03/22 18:15
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At present, there are abundant experience in Hotel fragrance, high-end catering, KTV bar, even bath SPA and other places. Especially the fragrance custom-made piece can give different fragrance according to the characteristics of different customers. What's more, according to the change of season, we should have our own different needs. Today we're going to talk about the techniques between seasonal changes and the use of fragrance.
With the change of season, our clothes, shoes and soft clothes at home may have different changes. The same is true on different festivals. Of course, the fragrance we use is also the same, including the replacement of essential oils, and of course our own perfume and so on. After years of practical application and research, we have provided you with the following suggestions:



For example, in spring, when the earth recovers, everything is full of business, so we can put those energetic fragrances at home at this time. For example, fresh grass and bamboo fragrance. It's like walking in a bamboo forest; the fragrance of newly sprouted leaves is like under a newly sprouted willow. For example, the tea and bamboo fragrances of Brakula: green tea, white tea, green bamboo, etc.
Summer weather is hot, people's body and mind will become more anxious with the rise of weather temperature, at this time we can use those fragrances that can make people calm or can make people calm. For example, the cool fragrances of mint, spearmint and ocean can instantly feel cool and drive away the hot summer heat; people who like the fragrance of flowers can use the elegant fragrance of lotus and water lily, just like enjoying the cool by the lotus pond full of flowers, occasionally the fragrance of light flowers drifting with the wind, comfortable and leisurely. For example, Brakula's blue mushroom.
Autumn is the harvest season and the ripening season of all kinds of melons and fruits. We should choose pleasant and cheerful fragrances or all kinds of melons and fruits with good background. While busy, experience the taste of happiness after harvest. Such as Brakula's champagne, orange and so on.
In winter, the weather is colder. We can choose the warmer fragrance. It's just like thick wood fragrance, which makes people feel warm; or the fragrance of warm tone, which makes people feel more warm, can save electricity consumption when used well. For example, Brakula Shangri-La, ebony, sandalwood jasmine and so on.
In short, different seasons, different needs, customers will have different requirements for fragrance. If you are interested in Fragrance Marketing in public environments such as hotel fragrance, space fragrance, KTV bar fragrance and so on, then Brakula is your choice. Because we will provide you with professional consultation, perfect service, wholeheartedly create a perfect smell environment for you.
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