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Analysis on the Application of Spatial Fragrance in Hotel

2019/03/22 18:15
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When you step into a hotel, the first impression you get is usually the lobby, but it's only a visual impression. I wonder if you have noticed that when you enter a hotel, there is usually a scent between your breath that seeps into your nose, which is the unique flavor of the hotel. Brakula is an innovative environmental technology enterprise specializing in the customization of fragrance, fragrance brand design and service. The aim is to provide all-round indoor air environment solutions for business customers and families, aiming at creating a better and perfect space experience for your brand, business activities and even home environment. Nowadays, the unique fragrance has become another business card of brand hotels. As long as you enter hotels of the same brand all over the world, you will smell the brand.you will smell the brand.you will smell the brand.
According to research, fragrance, like memory and emotion, comes from the same part of the brain to deal with feelings, so fragrance can directly affect people's emotions, comfortable fragrance can make people feel relaxed and pleasant, while strong pungent fragrance makes people feel uncomfortable. According to this theory, hotels usually find Brakula's fragrance customization service, according to the characteristics of their own hotel, develop and deploy the most suitable flavor, through this unique flavor, convey the style and spirit of the hotel to convey.
How to create a sense of comfort and belonging is the core content of hotel products. Improving the comfort of products is the main measures and means for hotels to cater to the market, attract customers, improve comprehensive competitiveness and market share, and is the main measures and direction for improving the quality of hotel industry. Comfort is a kind of human feeling and a complex dynamic concept. On the basis of satisfying the minimum and basic guarantee of customer safety and health, the construction of hotel comfort must grasp the key points and grasp the core. The fragrance system of Brakula Hotel, which spreads unique fragrance in the hotel lobby and public area to create comfortable experience for guests, to deepen their impression of the hotel and attract them to visit again, has been quietly popular, to create unique fragrance, to create a fresh environment similar to nature for guests in the lobby, and has received consistent praise. It varies from person to person, from time to place. Environmental stimulus causes various physiological and psychological activities, produces corresponding perceptual effects, and also shows various explicit behaviors. And the size of the stimulus is related to people's comfort. Only when the stimulus is within the range of people's adaptation can people produce a sense of satisfaction.
Hotel environment mainly includes three levels: first, hardware environment, refers to whether the hotel building, facilities and equipment are reasonable, effective and convenient, such as the overall room color matching, lighting effect, water quality and water pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. can maximize the comfort of customers; second, service environment, refers to whether the service of hotel staff is accurate, fast and warm; third, heart; Environmental management refers to the level, brand, social reputation, safety, health and other aspects of the hotel can provide a sense of respect. If the stimulation of the above three environments is too small, the customers will not have a special impression on the hotel and it is difficult to become a repeat customer; if the stimulation is too large, the customers have the feeling of excessive service and service interference, the customers will choose to complain or leave; only when the stimulation is controlled within the scope of customer adaptation, the customers will feel free, relaxed, comfortable and satisfied, and will be comfortable. Feeling. It can be seen that hotel comfort is an organic combination of hardware and software hotel integrated environment.
Brakula fragrance strives to create a brand of space fragrance and a distinctive individualized fragrance logo in hotels and other high-end places, to ensure distinctive personality, uniqueness and recognition, to enjoy elegance, freshness, dignity and special atmosphere, and to emit unique charm. Xinjingjie can design different kinds of fragrances according to different themes and programs to cooperate with the overall business promotion activities, so that guests can get a more unique consumption experience. If you need it, please contact us.


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