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Flowers blossom all the way, like shadows and fragrances

2019/03/22 18:33
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If the house symbolizes security, then the car symbolizes freedom. Good car room environment, let love car is not only a vehicle, but also a small space you are infatuated with.
A flower blooms quietly in the car, whether it is the Gobi Desert, the forest grassland or the city road. The flowers blossom all the way, the fragrance floats all the way. The small flowers make the car full of vitality.
This is Brakula's new product, the car plug. With magnetic bracket, it can be easily inserted in the outlet of all kinds of cars, compact and convenient, saving space.
· Rich aroma types can be matched freely according to preferences to create different car room atmosphere.
Farewell to traditional liquid perfume, no alcohol, safe and reliable, avoid excessive summer temperature, resulting in the deterioration of perfume.
· High-quality spice plant extract, not strong and pungent fragrance, strong and weak can be adjusted by itself, the fragrance is even and lasting.
· Popular odor trends from Europe and Japan, specially for the delicate aroma gas test of car room modulation.
If busy with work, the car can only drive at two o'clock and one line, then choose a favorite flavor to accompany you on the road of struggle.



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